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Planting, Shearing and Blooming time!

Sarah plants some basil in the soil moistened by the irrigation stream.

June 1, 2005 - HayPatch, UT -  The annual planting of the garden -- peppers, tomatoes, squash -- all made it in the ground shortly before Memorial day. (See what has been planted in the right hand column of this page.)

The planting was delayed a couple of weeks for several reasons including a very wet Spring which kept us from getting the garden tilled & furrowed and waiting on the tractor to be completely repaired.  Not to worry, though, as the veggies should have ample time (and water!) to properly produce this year.



In unrelated, yet seemingly related news...


June 1, 2005 - HayPatch, UT - The iris are blooming! The iris are blooming. 'Nuff said.


In unrelated news...

June 1, 2005 - HayPatch, UT - Sweaters? Blankets? Carpets? Where will it end? There are so many uses for this wool. The sheep are happy to be rid of it, it seems. Two year's of growth and they're finally free of their fluffy exterior. They went from rotund balls on four sticks to rather svelte weed-eating machines. Certainly when the temps get into the 100s this summer, they will be baaa-ing a sigh of relief that their fluff is adorning someone's loom.

If you missed the sheep shearing and can't wait for the wool to grow again, here's a video to tide you over until next time.


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