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Orrin? Erin? Fortuneless Hatch?

March 17, 2005 - HayPatch, UT -- After 18 months in New Mexico captivity, Sister Erin Oakeson was released back into mainstream society on March 9th, 2005. 

For those of you new to this site, please refer to the happenings of September 2003 for further information about the recent whereabouts of Sister Oakeson.

The return of this lovely missionary was fraught with much concern. When would she arrive? Was she going to be on time? Will she look the same? The wait at the airport was excruciatingly long for some, but was filled with much laughter and excitement.

Andrea and Sarah try to pick Erin's face out of the crowd.

After reviewing and re-reviewing the arrival board, there was just seconds before Erin (aka "Orrin", aka Fortuneless Hatch) would show at the terminal gates.

GAME TIME! Let's Play...
Using your mouse pointer, point to where you think you see Erin. If you're correct, a larger version of the photo will appear. Good luck!
Finally! We saw what looked *somewhat* like Erin. But, wait, was that really her? The vision on the escalator was a raven haired beauty. When she was last seen, her hair was sandy brown. Could it be her? Yes, it was her! Hugging commenced.

Erin's Grandma Marshall is ecstatic to see her.

After the hugging subsided, the eagerly anticipated Sister was surrounded by her waiting public. All ears and eyes were on her as she told tales of her Albuquerque & Cortez visits.

Sister Erin Oakeson

After the chatter at the airport, chatter at at home, and followed by Erin's "release" from her missionary duties, the group headed off for a late lunch at "Old Home" also known as "Golden Corral."

From the latest reports, it appears Erin is assimilating back into society quite nicely.

In related news:

HayPatch Hit by Late Night Toilet Papering!

March 17, 2005 - HayPatch, UT -- In what appears to be related to Erin's return, the HayPatch was hit late Friday night by a toilet paper thrower with a wicked pitching arm.

The paper tossing culprit has not come forward. It's unfortunate, as we have been informed that the responsible party would be guaranteed a position on the Salt Lake Stingers pitching staff.

In unrelated news:
The Oakeson's Team Up to Support Granite High's Chess Team at Utah State Chess Tournament

Ivan, David and Laurie at the tourny.

March 17, 2005 - Near HayPatch, UT -- At a hotly contested battle for the right to be called Utah State High School Chess Champions, the Oakeson's pulled together at the last minute and sold much needed sugar, caffeine, and salt to the teenage board game enthusiasts.

Proceeds from the sales at the makeshift snack counter will go to support the Granite High School chess club.


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