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The new lambs look for comfortable resting spots.

Staci beams while holding two new lambs.

Two pigeon chicks. Unlike most animal species, newborn pigeons are not *super* attractive.

February 22, 2005 - HayPatch, UT --
With the birth of several new lambs, the sprouting of crocus and the hatching of chicks, can SPRING be far behind?

The temperatures are rising and the snow is melting into the ground giving another sure sign of SPRING -- MUD.

If you happen to visit the HayPatch this month, as Staci Gilbert of St. Paul has, you'll find the mud, lambs and chicks all foretelling of the seasonal shift. Sure, Staci returned to Minnesota to find colder temperatures and piles of snow, but she certainly took with her the belief the SPRING will come.  

It will come. Right?!

Click here for a fun lamb-friendly video to help get you in the SPRING mood!


In other news:

February 22, 2005 - HayPatch, UT -- What used to be a bedroom turned storage room complete well worn carpet, has been transformed into a light and airy, quiet retreat for guests as well as a safe resting spot for antique bottles.

A new coat of bright white paint; a fabulous new wood floor; new furniture, switchplates, curtains, rug, bedding and pillows and VOILA, a new space is born.

Another space tackled...10 more to go!

Ivan working on installing the wood flooring.

A view of the nearly complete guest chamber.


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