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This photo was taken the week prior to the limb falling. A gorgeous sunset and cloud image over the valley. Mouse over the photo to see the limb lying across the driveway.

May 6, 2004 - HayPatch, UT - While sitting in the backyard, discussing what we were going to do for dinner, Ivan, Sarah and Catherine heard a slight crack coming from the front yard. Each of them looked to the front to see what was up there. No one paid much attention aside from the quick glance. There's often so much traffic noise out there that an additional noise is just vaguely curious. Not more than two minutes later, they witnessed the limb (shown in the photos on this page) come crashing down. 

"It was surreal," stated Ivan.

Dinner plans were quickly put on hold as the three removed the limb that blocked the driveway.

A view of the fallen limb from the street.

Ivan started cutting the limb up into smaller chunks while Sarah and Catherine lugged the leafy limbs to the lambs.

Ivan then decided to let Sarah take on the task of chopping through the limbs. What better way for her to learn how to handle a chainsaw than to actually do it?

She handled the equipment with ease and chopped through that log like it was made of butter. Ok, not that easily, but quite readily.

Sarah! She's strong! She's capable!
(Mouse over the photo) She's starring in Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

A nice father/daughter moment.

While the trio worked through the remains of the fallen limb, Ivan looked to the back yard.

"Did the sheep get out?" queried, Ivan?

"I don't know. I can't see them anywhere," stated Catherine.

All Catherine saw in the corral was the little lambs near the limbs. The big sheep were out of sight. Maybe they left the leaves from the limbs for some libations at the water trough?

No. The sheep, sneaky as they are, decided it was a good time to evacuate the fenced corral. They were hiding behind the barns!

See proof of their escape below: (No, she *didn't* notice the sheep while the photos were being taken...)

1. Learning how to safely use the chainsaw while maintaining the proper look of  concentration. 

2. Stacking the newly cut logs and twigs onto the wagon so that we could easily take them through to the bonfire zone in the sheep's corral.

3. Leaving the gate open on the corral for easy hauling and not noticing that the sneaky sheep escaped while we were cutting up the remains and taking photos.


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