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November 26, 2003 - HayPatch, UT - In the spirit of Thanksgiving, several ghost turkeys came knocking recently.  One was of Thanksgiving past, one of Thanksgiving present, and still another of Thanksgiving future.  Each came to remind us to be thankful for today, our many blessings and those we love and those who love us.

Turkey-past showed us of our childhood home, filled with all of the scents present during that time...roasting turkey, stuffing, yams and rolls; sweetly scented wax figurines of pilgrims and Indians; freshly starched table linens; and Great-Aunt Mable. Dear familiar faces, long since past, met us with open arms, showed us how to enjoy football on a Thursday and forgave us for whipping the pumpkin pie's crowning touch into butter.

Turkey-present showed us of snow covered homes, with plenty of room and heat to keep us warm, an abundance of nourishing foods and a day filled with love in our hearts and extended families gathered around the giant bird.

Turkey-future, always ripe for spinning a yarn, showed us our future -- long, long into the future. All of the scents were there as in turkey-past's presentation. In attendance at the warm gathering were some vaguely familiar faces. (Apparently, the passing years have treated some more kindly than others.) Yet, most in attendance were unknown to us. Maybe we had stopped at the wrong gathering?!  A man at one end of the table begins to speak. He mentions many things for which he is thankful, mentions those who are in attendance and then, gesturing toward the wall of the room, he thanks those who came before him. Curious, we look to the wall of the dining room at which he pointed. It is filled with photographs. They are a little faded, a little dusty. As we peer closer at these two dimensional attendees, we see many familiar faces, including our own.



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