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Appetizer A HAPPY HOME  
Appetizer Black Bean Salsa  
Appetizer Buddig Pinwheels Jan Thomas Heilmann
Appetizer Cheese Spread Michelle Oakeson
Appetizer Crab Dip Wanda Covington
Appetizer Fruit Dip Linda Dawes
Appetizer Fruit Dip Marjorie Mortensen
Appetizer Fruit Dip Kay Hofheins
Appetizer Fruit Salsa And Cinnamon Chips Catherine Oakeson
Appetizer Garden Salsa Ivan Oakeson
Appetizer Guacamole Jan Thomas Heilmann
Appetizer Hot Bean Dip Kay Hofheins
Appetizer Layered Bean Dip Jan Thomas Heilmann
Appetizer Mexican Dip (Layered) Linda Dawes
Appetizer Pineapple Cheese Ball Linda Dawes
Appetizer Salsa Picante Sandy Thomas
Appetizer Smokey Cheese Log Linda Dawes
Appetizer Spinach Dip Linda Dawes
Appetizer Spring Rolls Linda Dawes
Appetizer Texas Caviar Heidi Hutchings
Appetizer Tortilla Treats Karen Oakeson
Appetizer Vegetable Dip Linda Dawes
Beverage/Other Almond Punch Linda Dawes
Beverage/Other Alta's Sore Throat Remedy Laurie Hutchings
Beverage/Other Berry Punch  
Beverage/Other Citrus Smoothie  
Beverage/Other Cranberry Tea Jan Thomas Heilmann
Beverage/Other Frozen Delight Drink Linda Dawes
Beverage/Other Fruit Slush Laurie Hutchings
Beverage/Other Fuzzy Navel Milk Shake  
Beverage/Other Great Juice Punch Kay Hofheins
Beverage/Other Heavenly Flower Solomon Pupunu
Beverage/Other Jan's Hot Spiced Cider Jan Thomas Heilmann
Beverage/Other Kentucky Derby  
Beverage/Other Lemon Frappe  
Beverage/Other Limeade Solomon Pupunu
Beverage/Other Mai Tai Solomon Pupunu
Beverage/Other Orange Julius Jan Thomas Heilmann
Beverage/Other Orange-Lemon Slush Jan Thomas Heilmann
Beverage/Other Patio Blush  
Beverage/Other Pina Colada  
Beverage/Other Strawberry-Cheesecake Shake  
Beverage/Other Tropical Sun Smoothie  
Beverage/Other Wahini Cooler Solomon Pupunu
Beverage/Other Watermelon Slush Solomon Pupunu
Bread/Rolls All-Bran Cereal Muffins  
Bread/Rolls Aloha Loaf  
Bread/Rolls Ann's Refrigerator Rolls Marjorie Mortensen
Bread/Rolls Apple Bread Cynthia Harmon
Bread/Rolls Banana Bread Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Banana Nut Bread Alta Oakeson
Bread/Rolls Cherry Nut Pound Cake  
Bread/Rolls Coconut Bread  
Bread/Rolls Dilly Casserole Bread Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Flakey Biscuits Amber Hutchings
Bread/Rolls Grandma Maria Oakeson's Bread Cynthia Harmon
Bread/Rolls Grandma Oakeson's Homemade Bread Kay Hofheins
Bread/Rolls Lemon Bread Laurie Hutchings
Bread/Rolls Out Of This World Rolls Kay Hofheins
Bread/Rolls Parker House Rolls Catherine Oakeson
Bread/Rolls Poppy Seed Bread Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Pull Aparts Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Refrigerator Rolls Alta Oakeson
Bread/Rolls Refrigerator Rolls Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Scotch Buttermilk Scones Linda Dawes
Bread/Rolls Sopaipillas Fried Breads with Honey
Bread/Rolls Swedish Tea Ring Alta Oakeson
Bread/Rolls Yummy Bread Heidi Hutchings
Breakfast Baked French Toast  
Breakfast Breakfast Casserole  
Breakfast Breakfast Casserole Shirley Thomas
Breakfast Camper's Breakfast  
Breakfast Denver Baked Omelet  
Breakfast Easter Egg Casserole  
Breakfast Favorite Brunch Eggs Linda Dawes
Breakfast Grandma Ruth's Waffles Kriste Miles
Breakfast Hickory Maple Waffles Linda Dawes
Breakfast Oven Omelet  
Breakfast Popeye Pancakes Laurie Hutchings
Breakfast Potato Quiche  
Breakfast Rita's Pancakes  
Breakfast Sausage Souffle  
Breakfast Swedish Breakfast Shirley Thomas
Breakfast Swedish Pancakes Shirley Thomas
Breakfast The Best Granola Catherine Oakeson
Cake/Frosting Apple Chip Cake Laurie Hutchings
Cake/Frosting Bonnie Butter Cake A real all-butter cake. This is a good recipe!
Cake/Frosting Caramel Icing (Grandma Oakeson) Leone Allen - (Double for Layer Cake)
Cake/Frosting Carrot Cake  
Cake/Frosting Crazy Cake Wanda Covington
Cake/Frosting Dump Cake Shirley Thomas
Cake/Frosting Elizabeth's Cupcakes Laurie Hutchings
Cake/Frosting Festive Cake Laurie Hutchings
Cake/Frosting Fluffy Frosting Wanda Covington - Aunt Jetta gave me this recipe almost 40 years ago and it is still a favorite.
Cake/Frosting Grandma Oakeson's Fruit Cake Kay Hofheins
Cake/Frosting Jan's 24 Carat Cake Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cake/Frosting Jan's Pudding Cake Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cake/Frosting Japanese Fruitcake Karen Oakeson
Cake/Frosting Mississippi Mud Cake  
Cake/Frosting Oatmeal Cake  
Cake/Frosting Pig Pickin Cake Wanda Covington Makes 3 - 9" cake pans
Cake/Frosting Pumpkin Cake Roll Jan Thomas Heilmann, Wanda Covington
Cake/Frosting Red Velvet Cake Julie Cummings
Cake/Frosting Richmond Chocolate Frosting Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cake/Frosting Ruth's Chocolate Cake Kay Hofheins
Cake/Frosting Shirley's Caramel Frosting Kay Hofheins
Cake/Frosting Simple White Cake Topping Linda Dawes
Cake/Frosting Skor Cake  
Cake/Frosting Spice Cupcakes Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cake/Frosting Texas Sheet Cake Kay Hofheins
Cake/Frosting Texas Sheet Cake Frosting Kay Hofheins
Cake/Frosting Vanilla Cake Shirley Thomas
Candy/Nut Applets Annette Thomas
Candy/Nut Barker Loaf Shirley Thomas
Candy/Nut Brown Paper Bag Caramel Popcorn Annette Thomas
Candy/Nut Butter Toffee  
Candy/Nut Butterscotch Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Caramel Apples  
Candy/Nut Caramel Pecan Logs Linda Dawes
Candy/Nut Caramels Jan Thomas Heilmann
Candy/Nut Cereal Candy  
Candy/Nut Dean's Fudge Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Divinity  
Candy/Nut Easter Nests  
Candy/Nut Easy Divinity Jan Thomas Heilmann
Candy/Nut Elma's English Toffee Leone Allen
Candy/Nut English Toffee Jan Thomas Heilmann
Candy/Nut Grandma Oakeson's CRUNCH Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Granny Goose Popcorn  
Candy/Nut Honey Candy (Famous Mormon Recipe)
Candy/Nut Jan's Microwave Caramel Fudge Jan Thomas Heilmann
Candy/Nut Krazy Krunch  
Candy/Nut Linda's Caramel  
Candy/Nut Molasses Candy (Famous Mormon Recipe)
Candy/Nut Pink Mother Goose Popcorn Shirley Thomas
Candy/Nut Pop Corn Balls Wanda Covington
Candy/Nut Popcorn Recipe Laurie Hutchings
Candy/Nut Reindeer Fodder  
Candy/Nut Rocky Road Fudge Bars Wanda Covington
Candy/Nut See's Chocolate Fudge Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Shirley's Best Popcorn Topping Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Shirley's Vinegar Taffy Kay Hofheins
Candy/Nut Spun Peanut Brittle Linda Dawes
Candy/Nut Sugared Nuts Shirley Thomas
Candy/Nut Sweet Chex Mix Linda Dawes
Candy/Nut Turds Jan Thomas Heilmann
Candy/Nut Very Best Caramel Corn Linda Dawes
Cookies Applesauce Cookies Kay Hofheins
Cookies Aunt Betty Bobs Brownies Kay Hofheins
Cookies Best Ever Sugar Cookies Heidi Hutchings
Cookies Brownies Royale Karen Oakeson
Cookies Cake Mix Cookies Karen Oakeson
Cookies Caramel Brownies Wanda Covington
Cookies Caramel Chocolate Cookies Heidi Hutchings
Cookies Chocolate Mint Cookies Catherine Oakeson
Cookies Chocolate No-Bake Cookies Kay Hofheins
Cookies Chocolate Peanut Buddy Bars Cynthia Harmon
Cookies Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookies Wanda Covington
Cookies Chocolate-Chunk and Cherry Cookies Catherine Oakeson
Cookies Cinnamon-Chocolate Chip Cookies Catherine Oakeson
Cookies Coconut Chocolate Bars Sarah Oakeson
Cookies Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies Liz Riddle
Cookies Farm House Sugar Cookies Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Fruit Bars Alta Oakeson
Cookies Ginger Snaps Cynthia Harmon
Cookies Jan's Milk Chocolate Brownies Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Magic Cookies Ruth Oakeson
Cookies Melting Moments Cookies Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Natches Cookies Shirley Thomas
Cookies Neiman Marcus Cookies Cynthia Harmon
Cookies No-Bake Cookies Heidi Hutchings
Cookies Oreo's Andrea Oakeson
Cookies Pepparkakor Catherine Oakeson
Cookies Pumpkin Cookies Melissa Harmon
Cookies Pumpkin Cookies  
Cookies Rice Krispie Cookies No Bake Annette Thomas
Cookies Selma's Pecan Balls Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Shirley's Hello Dolly Cookies Kay Hofheins
Cookies Shortbread Cookies Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Snickerdoodles Heidi Hutchings
Cookies Soft Gingersnaps Jan Thomas Heilmann
Cookies Special K Bars Linda Dawes
Cookies Sugar Cookies Cynthia Harmon
Cookies Sugar Cookies Wanda Covington
Cookies Walnut Butter Cookies Kay Hofheins
Cookies Walnut Squares Mae Simon
Cookies Zucchini Brownies Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Alta's BBQ Ribs Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Baked Chicken Carolyn Susaeta
Main Dish/Meat Barbecued Turkey Carolyn Susaeta
Main Dish/Meat Beef Stir Fry  
Main Dish/Meat Beef Stroganoff Leone Allen
Main Dish/Meat Broccoli And Chicken Casserole Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Carrots, Potatoes And Hamburger Bake Karen Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Breasts  
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Challupas Wanda Covington
Main Dish/Meat Chicken In A Bisket Natalie Gilbert
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Junk Cynthia Harmon
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Lasagna  
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Rollups  
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Stuffed Manicotti Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Swiss Enchiladas Sandy Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Chicken Taco Pie Lion House
Main Dish/Meat Chicken With Rice Alta Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Chili Marjorie Mortensen
Main Dish/Meat Chili Chicken Casserole Kriste Miles
Main Dish/Meat Chili Dogs Barbecue Style Karen Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Corned Beef And Cabbage  
Main Dish/Meat Creamy Chicken Italiano Liz Riddle
Main Dish/Meat Creamy Fettuccini Alfredo Wanda Covington
Main Dish/Meat Crockpot Chicken Michelle Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Deep Fried Fish Shirley Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Dinner In A Pumpkin Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Dutch Meat Loaf Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Enchiladas De Pollo Deluxe Chicken Enchiladas
Main Dish/Meat Fajitas  
Main Dish/Meat Farfalle Recipe provided by Tucci's
Main Dish/Meat Fettuccini Alfredo With Homemade Pasta Charles Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Fish Curry Solomon Pupunu
Main Dish/Meat Ground Beef Stroganoff Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Hawaiian Haystacks Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Hawaiian Meat Balls Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Jack Lowder's Park City Oven Stew Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Jan's Beef Jerky Jan Thomas Heilmann
Main Dish/Meat Lasagna Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Mexican Casserole "Acapulco" Shirley Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Navajo Tacos Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Oriental Chicken Leone Allen
Main Dish/Meat Parmesan Chicken Liz Riddle
Main Dish/Meat Pepper Steak With Rice Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Poppy Seed Chicken  
Main Dish/Meat Pork Chop Delight Kriste Miles
Main Dish/Meat President Johnson's Wife's Recipe Shirley Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Quick Red Beans & Rice Ivan Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Quick Spinach Quiche  
Main Dish/Meat Rice And Pork Chops Sandy Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Russian Chicken Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Sara's Pizza Dough Liz Riddle
Main Dish/Meat Sara's Pizza Sauce Liz Riddle
Main Dish/Meat Sesame Chicken Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Shirley's Meat loaf Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Shirley's Sloppy Joes Kay Hofheins
Main Dish/Meat Sloppy Joes  
Main Dish/Meat Southwest White Chili Cynthia Harmon
Main Dish/Meat Spaghetti Charles Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Stew Jan Thomas Heilmann
Main Dish/Meat Stir Fry Shirley Thomas
Main Dish/Meat Stove Top Chicken Casserole Michelle Oakeson
Main Dish/Meat Sukiyaki  
Main Dish/Meat Sunday Chicken Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Taco Casserole Linda Dawes
Main Dish/Meat Taco Rice Casserole Cynthia Harmon
Main Dish/Meat Turkey Tetrazinni Laurie Hutchings
Main Dish/Meat Vegetable Lasagna  
Main Dish/Meat Yummy Roast Linda Dawes
Other Cranberry Delight Spread Catherine Oakeson
Pie/Dessert All-Around Ice Cream Linda Dawes (6 quarts)
Pie/Dessert Ann's Pumpkin Pie Kay Hofheins
Pie/Dessert Apple Pie Topped With Crumbs Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Banana Cream Pie Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Best-Ever Peach Pie Michelle Oakeson
Pie/Dessert Boston Cream Pie Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Carrot Pudding Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Cheesecake Michelle Oakeson
Pie/Dessert Cheesecake Pie Heidi Hutchings
Pie/Dessert Chocolate Chip Torte Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Chocolate Pudding Cream Cheese Dessert Laurie Hutchings
Pie/Dessert Chocolate Pudding Pie Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Churros - Mexican Doughnuts Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Coconut Cream Pie Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Cold And Crunchy Dessert Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Cream Filling Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Cream Puffs Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Creamy Rice Pudding  
Pie/Dessert Danish Dessert Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Doughnuts Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Flan Especial - Special Custard Laurie Hutchings
Pie/Dessert Fresh Strawberry Pie Leone Allen
Pie/Dessert Fruit Bake Karen Oakeson
Pie/Dessert Funnel Cakes Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Graham Cracker Crust Leone Allen
Pie/Dessert Grandma's Lemon Meringue Pie Heidi Hutchings
Pie/Dessert Homemade Ice Cream - Vanilla Custard Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Jan's Cheesecake With Strawberry Glaze Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Jan's Package Pudding Recipe Jan Thomas Heilmann
Pie/Dessert Jetta's Paradise Pudding Kay Hofheins
Pie/Dessert Junket Ice-Cream Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Lemon Delight Carolyn Susaeta
Pie/Dessert Lemon Pie Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Meringue Leone Allen
Pie/Dessert Miniature Cheese Cakes  
Pie/Dessert Oatmeal Fudge Squares Carolyn Susaeta
Pie/Dessert Olive's Ice Cream  
Pie/Dessert Peach Crisp  
Pie/Dessert Pie Crust Leone Allen (Hour Magazine)
Pie/Dessert Polynesian Sunshine Pie  
Pie/Dessert Raspberry Cobbler Cynthia Harmon
Pie/Dessert Shirley's Baked Custard Kay Hofheins
Pie/Dessert Shirley's Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie Kay Hofheins
Pie/Dessert Shirley's Rice Pudding Kay Hofheins
Pie/Dessert Spudnuts Shirley Thomas
Pie/Dessert Strawberries And Cream Flan Linda Dawes
Pie/Dessert Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake Kriste Miles
Pie/Dessert Strawberry Squares Michelle Oakeson
Pie/Dessert The Pie Heidi Hutchings
Salad/Dressing Acini De Pepe Fruit Salad Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Andrea's Potato Salad Andrea Oakeson
Salad/Dressing Avocado Jell-O Salad Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Broccoli - Cauliflower Salad Wanda Covington
Salad/Dressing Broccoli/Cauliflower & Bacon Salad Susan Allen
Salad/Dressing Cabbage Pepper Slaw Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Ceviche - Cold Shrimp Salad Sandy Thomas
Salad/Dressing Cherry Jell-O Salad The most wonderful cherry jell-o salad you will ever taste in your life.
Salad/Dressing Chinese Chicken Salad Linda Dawes
Salad/Dressing Cookie Salad Annette Thomas, Wanda Covington
Salad/Dressing Cranberry Salad  
Salad/Dressing Emerald Salad Jan Thomas Heilmann
Salad/Dressing Ensalada - Salad Sandy Thomas
Salad/Dressing Frog-Eye Salad Linda Dawes
Salad/Dressing Frozen Fruit Salad  
Salad/Dressing Fruit Salad - Maria Oakeson Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Ham And Cheese Potato Salad Wanda Covington
Salad/Dressing Honey Lime Fruit Toss  
Salad/Dressing Jan's Blueberry Salad Jan Thomas Heilmann
Salad/Dressing Jan's Orange Jell-o Jan Thomas Heilmann
Salad/Dressing KFC Cole Slaw  
Salad/Dressing Lemon Jell-O Salad Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Lion House Pineapple Salad  
Salad/Dressing Macaroni/Shrimp Salad Linda Dawes
Salad/Dressing Mandarin Chicken Salad Laurie Hutchings
Salad/Dressing Mandarin Orange Jell-o Salad Kay Hofheins
Salad/Dressing Oriental Salad  
Salad/Dressing Pistachio Delight Linda Dawes
Salad/Dressing Potato Salad Laurie Hutchings
Salad/Dressing Potato Salad Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Pretzel Salad - Debbie Mortensen Marjorie Mortensen
Salad/Dressing Raspberry Banana Salad Shirley Thomas
Salad/Dressing Saidi's Salad Andrea Oakeson
Salad/Dressing Salad  
Salad/Dressing Sea Foam Laurie Hutchings
Salad/Dressing Spinach Salad  
Salad/Dressing Strawberry Jell-o  
Sauce/Gravy Baked Potato Topping Linda Dawes
Sauce/Gravy Barbecue Sauce For Chicken Or Ribs Wanda Covington
Sauce/Gravy Bar-B-Q Sauce Linda Dawes
Sauce/Gravy Fry Sauce/Food Dip Chris Covington
Sauce/Gravy Holy Cow Fattening Syrup Linda Dawes
Sauce/Gravy Hot Caramel Dip Liz Riddle
Sauce/Gravy Hot Fudge Sauce Carolyn Susaeta
Sauce/Gravy Hot Fudge Topping  
Sauce/Gravy Roast Beef Seasoning Linda Dawes
Sauce/Gravy Shirley's Butter Sauce Kay Hofheins This is great on Ruth's Chocolate Cake
Sauce/Gravy Sweet & Sour Sauce Linda Dawes
Side Dish Aaroz Con Chorizo Rice with spiced pork sausage.
Side Dish Arroz A La Mexicana Rice Mexican-Style
Side Dish Baked Beans Amber Hutchings
Side Dish Camille's Baked Beans Michelle Oakeson
Side Dish Cheddar - Baked Potato Slices Solomon Pupunu
Side Dish French Fries Karen Oakeson
Side Dish Funeral Potatoes Also called "Ward Party Potatoes", "Potato Casserole" - but the most famous is "Funeral Potatoes" because it is often served at funerals in Utah.
Side Dish Grated Creamed Potatoes Susan Allen
Side Dish Green Bean Casserole  
Side Dish Ham Fried Rice  
Side Dish Holiday Rice Linda Dawes
Side Dish Kay's Sour Cream Potatoes Kay Hofheins
Side Dish Pasta In Tomato Cream Sauce Heidi Hutchings
Side Dish Pasta With Lemon Sauce Heidi Hutchings
Side Dish Ranch Style Baked Beans Wanda Covington
Side Dish Red Rice Sandy Thomas
Side Dish Rice & Cumin Solomon Pupunu
Side Dish Shirley's Baked Beans Kay Hofheins
Side Dish Sweet Potato Bake Leone Allen
Side Dish Wild Rice  
Side Dish Zucchini Casserole Linda Dawes
Soup/Sandwich Bratten's Clam Chowder Kay Hofheins
Soup/Sandwich Bratten's Clam Chowder Cynthia Harmon
Soup/Sandwich Cajun Soup  
Soup/Sandwich Cheese Vegetable Soup Leone Allen
Soup/Sandwich Chicken Croissants  
Soup/Sandwich Chicken Noodle Soup Laurie Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich Chicken Salad Sandwich Filling Laurie Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich Chili Blanco Catherine Oakeson
Soup/Sandwich Corn And Potato Chowder Leone Allen
Soup/Sandwich Cream Of Broccoli Soup  
Soup/Sandwich Cucumber & Tomato Stew Solomon Pupunu
Soup/Sandwich Easter Egg Sandwich Filling Laurie Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich French Onion Soup Linda Dawes
Soup/Sandwich Ham And Mozzarella Sandwiches Kay Hofheins
Soup/Sandwich Hamburger Soup Wanda Covington
Soup/Sandwich Minestrone Soup Charles Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich Mixed Legumes Tomato Soup Karen Oakeson
Soup/Sandwich My Version Of Market Street Clam Chowder Laurie Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich Noodles And Tomato Soup Kay Hofheins
Soup/Sandwich Pasta Fagioli Cynthia Harmon
Soup/Sandwich Posse Stew Laurie Hutchings
Soup/Sandwich Potato Cheese Soup Shirley Thomas
Soup/Sandwich Pumpkin, Prawn & Coconut Soup Solomon Pupunu
Soup/Sandwich Pumpkin-Apple Soup Recipe provide by Zane Holmquist, Executive Chef, Stein Eriksen Lodge
Soup/Sandwich Shirley's Egg Noodles Kay Hofheins
Soup/Sandwich Shrimp Sandwich Filling  
Soup/Sandwich Split Pea Soup  
Soup/Sandwich Taco Soup Carolyn Susaeta
Soup/Sandwich Taco Soup Leone Allen
Soup/Sandwich Tomato Soup Shirley Thomas
Soup/Sandwich Tortellini and Italian Sausage Soup Catherine Oakeson
Soup/Sandwich Vegetable Cheese Soup Laurie Hutchings

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